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Artisan made jewelry is unique. Many jewelry lovers and earrings enthusiasts alike have become more conscious when it comes to how and where they purchase jewelry online — they want to make sure that the jewelry they wear is not only beautiful and unique, but created under ethical conditions.

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  • baroque pearl earrings

    Ada Mini Baroque Pearls Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $39.00$50.00
  • simple gold earrings

    Adelia Arch Earrings

    Architecture Earrings $27.00$40.00
  • mother of pearl earrings

    Adelia Arch with Pearl

    14K Gold Plated $36.00$48.00
  • crystal earring

    Adelia Arch with Raw Crystals Earrings

    Architecture Earrings $36.00$43.00
  • rectangle earrings

    Agate Rectangle Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $30.00$36.00
  • statement earrings

    Amelia Grey

    Architecture Earrings $29.00$44.00
  • gold hoops

    Asher Mini Turquois Rectangle Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $30.00$35.00
  • WHITE FINCHES pearl jewellery

    Asher Pearl Rectangle Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $36.00$45.00
  • White Finches Pearl BraceletsWhite Finches rice pearl bracelets

    Avery Rice Pearl Bracelet

    Artisan Made $45.00
  • small hoop earrings

    Blue Simplicity

    Artisan Made $20.00$24.00
  • Charlotte Cube

    Architecture Earrings $39.00$47.00
  • White Finches Chloe Pearl Bracelet

    Ciara Adjustable Pearl Bracelet

    Artisan Made $45.00
  • Stick Earrings

    Crazy Lace Harper

    Artisan Made $27.00
  • Dancing Red

    Artisan Made $58.00
  • unique gemstone jewelry

    Dreams Aquamarine Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $29.00$37.00
  • blue earrings

    Echo Sodalite Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $31.00$42.00
  • simple earrings

    Edolie Mapstone Stick

    Architecture Earrings $26.00
  • White Finches white dot blue earringsWhite Finches brass jewellery white dot blue earrings model

    Ella White Blue Dot

    Architecture Earrings $45.00$60.00
  • minimalist earrings

    Elowen Triangle Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $27.00$35.00
  • earrings for women

    Esme Glass Globe Earrings

    Architecture Earrings $38.00
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