Natural Stone

Simple yet elegant, many of the collections include a pop of colour or semi precious gemstones. Each individual piece of gemstones has its own story to tell.  Explore our collections for our beloved semi precious stones jewelry.  You can’t stop marveling the grains and fine contours around it.  They are not just beautiful, wearing natural stone jewelry brings you closer to the nature.  Bring the wearer deep tranquility and truth in their daily lives.  
In addition, natural gemstones are believed to provide beneficial properties to the wearers.  For instance, Agate are earth stones that strengthens you ability to communicate your convictions in a balanced way.

Chalcedony crystals help to soothe fears and anxieties below your conscious awareness.  It brings calm and balance in times of stress.   Meanwhile, Howlite is calming because it encourages you to ‘live and let live’.

Explore White Finches official website to find your beloved semi-precious jewelery now.

“White Finches: Exceptionally Crafted Jewelry”

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  • green necklacegreen bohemian necklace

    Abela Green Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $21.00
  • crystal earring

    Adelia Arch with Raw Crystals Earrings

    Architecture Earrings $26.00$31.00
  • rectangle earrings

    Agate Rectangle Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $22.00$26.00
  • statement earrings

    Amelia Grey

    Architecture Earrings $21.00$31.00
  • small hoop earrings

    Blue Simplicity

    Artisan Made $15.00$17.00
  • bohemian earrings

    Bohemian Earrings with Natural Stone

    Bohemian Earrings $13.00
  • precious stone ring

    Chalcedony Precious Stone Ring

    Natural Stone $17.00
  • Stick Earrings

    Crazy Lace Harper

    Artisan Made $19.00
  • Dancing Red

    Artisan Made $41.00
  • unique gemstone jewelry

    Dreams Aquamarine Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $21.00$26.00
  • blue earrings

    Echo Sodalite Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $22.00$30.00
  • simple earrings

    Edolie Mapstone Stick

    Architecture Earrings $19.00
  • emerald ringhandmade rings

    Emerald Ring Bar

    Natural Stone $43.00
  • lapis lazuli jewellery

    Geometrical Lapis Lazuli

    Architecture Earrings $27.00$34.00
  • blue stone earrings

    Hahn Blue Sodalite

    Architecture Earrings $27.00
  • Hexagon Earrings

    Hematite Rainbow Hoop

    Architecture Earrings $28.00$36.00
  • Lapis Lazuli Earrings

    Lazuli Lantern

    Artisan Made $20.00
  • semi precious stones

    Lyra White Turquois

    Architecture Earrings $21.00$27.00
  • stone ring

    Matt Marble Stone Ring

    Natural Stone $20.00
  • minimalist earring

    Minimalist Earring

    Architecture Earrings $21.00$32.00
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