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White Finches symbolises joy, energy, positivity and simplicity.  Founded by a minimalist-jewellery lover, based in Singapore, who has a love for unique jewellery pieces each with its own character and story to tell.  White Finches hopes to bring joy, charisma and sophistication to the fun-loving you! You can’t buy happiness but we believe that you can buy jewellery, and it’s kind of the same.  So let us style your mood daily and be an aspiring modern white finch now!

About the artisan

handmade jewelry singapore

ann chooses to work with natural stones and wires.  since young, wires have been her favourite tools in creating artwork.  through her experiences, she has forged an understanding of how different wires behave and uses them to fuse the beauty of clean lines with that of an array of natural stones and pearls.  ann seeks to create simple and yet elegant pieces of art for everyone.  

as each pieces of natural stones carries different marbling and grains due to the presence of minerals, the varied mineral patterns gifted each stone it’s own personality.  whether it is flashy or subtle, it gives a character to every art piece created. 

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  1. Hello Ma’am

    Am looking for internship . I am student studying lifestyle and accessory design in india. Do we have a place for internship from 1st june to August 15

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