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White Finches symbolises joy, energy, positivity and simplicity.  Founded by a minimalist-jewellery lover, based in Singapore, who has a love for unique jewellery pieces each with its own character and story to tell.  White Finches hopes to bring joy, charisma and sophistication to the fun-loving you! You can’t buy happiness but we believe that you can buy jewellery, and it’s kind of the same.  So let us style your mood daily and be an aspiring modern white finch now!

About the artisan

handmade jewelry singapore


As I looked around me, I realized that the unique jewelry that I was looking for was not easily available in the main market. I wanted jewelry that was different, something that could stand out from the rest. That’s when I decided to venture into creating my own artistic pieces of jewelry.

I started playing with wires, combining natural pearls and semi-precious stones to create geometric shapes that could enhance the beauty of simple lines and curvatures. I am an artisan that loves to work with architecture-inspired designs that create a unique experience for the wearer.

I do not believe that jewelry needs to be complicated to be attractive. Rather, what I aim for is to create a state-of-the-art jewelry collection with a lot of simplicity at its core. I think that clean lines with ample spaces bring out the beauty of each piece and its individual components.

My jewelry line is a testament to my artistic flair. I aim for affordability while never compromising on the quality of my work. Moreover, it brings immense joy to my heart to see people wearing my creations. Their support and appreciation are the propellant energy that keeps me working on making more art jewelry.

If you are someone who has a soft corner for unique and artistic jewelry, then do give my collection a chance. I hope that you will love them just as much as I loved creating them. Thank you so much for choosing to support me in my journey thus far.


Ann || White Finches Artisan

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  1. Hello Ma’am

    Am looking for internship . I am student studying lifestyle and accessory design in india. Do we have a place for internship from 1st june to August 15

  2. Fusing the past and the future in jewelry design for sophisticated and unconventional women is a way to honor the diversity of interpretations of femininity across the generations. Each piece is a unique work of art that reflects the personality and style of the woman who wears it.

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