Handcrafted Necklaces

We love how dramatically a women’s fashion necklace can enhance an outfit’s polished feel.

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  • green necklacegreen bohemian necklace

    Abela Green Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $29.00
  • adjustable necklace

    Adjustable Necklace Knot Chain

    Handcrafted Necklaces $48.00
  • baroque pearl necklacepearl necklace

    Baroque Pearl Necklace

    Freshwater Pearls $80.00
  • bohemian necklace

    Bohemian Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $35.00
  • statement necklace

    Cuban Statement Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $43.00
  • freshwater pearl necklace

    Freshwater Pearl necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $78.00
  • Glass Necklace

    Glass Necklace

    Dream Bubbles $56.00
  • chain link necklace

    Gold Chain Link Necklace

    14K Gold Necklace $76.00
  • gold heart necklace

    Gold Heart Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $45.00
  • layered necklace

    Layered Necklace

    Handcrafted Necklaces $35.00
  • necklace wtih pave stones

    Necklace with Pave Stones

    Handcrafted Necklaces $45.00
  • circle pendant necklace

    Odelia Brass Circle

    14K Gold Plated $45.00
  • dainty necklace

    Odelia Brass Cube

    14K Gold Plated $45.00
  • White Finches round glass pendant necklaceWhite Finches round glass pendant necklace

    Odelia Bubble

    Dream Bubbles $48.00
  • stone necklace

    Odelia Red Agate

    14K Gold Plated $48.00
  • White Finches Odelia Pearl NecklaceWhite Finches Odelia Pearl Necklace with Model

    Odelia Tiny Baroque Pearl

    14K Gold Necklace $48.00
  • necklace chain

    Odelia White

    14K Gold Plated $48.00
  • Bar Necklace

    Pearl Bar Necklace Chain

    14K Gold Necklace $60.00
  • White Finches pearl chain necklaceWhite Finches Pearl Choker Gold Hematite Stones

    Pearl Choker Gold Hematite Stones

    Freshwater Pearls $50.00
  • Pearl choker

    Pearl Choker Necklace

    Freshwater Pearls $65.00
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