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The Beauty of Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings and Jewelry

Many jewellery lovers and earring enthusiasts alike have become more conscious when it comes to how and where they purchase gemstone earrings — they want to make sure that the jewelry they wear is not only beautiful and unique, but created under ethical conditions.

This is why so many people are turning away from mass produced jewelry in favor of distinct pieces that are handmade by artisans, featuring natural semi-precious gemstones and crystals.

When you buy handmade jewelry, you are supporting an artisan’s livelihood. These artisans take great care into the gemstone earrings they make, ensuring that you will receive a high-quality, alluring product. The jewelry made by these artisans will have far more love, care, and time put into these pieces than any mass-produced pieces made by factory workers.

Additionally, many people believe that natural gemstones provide beneficial properties, and by wearing earrings featuring these stones, the wearer can reap these benefits.

Gemstone earrings are the most commonly worn accessories, and despite their usually small stature, they have the ability to make or break an outfit. White Finches Jewelry offers plenty of beautiful, artisan made earrings at affordable prices to elevate your outfit no matter the occasion.

These Crazy Lace Agate earrings feature the earthy red tones that the stone is known for. Crazy lace agate is referred to as the “happiness stone” meant to ground the wearer and bring peace of mind. The natural stone and minimalist drop style are a perfect, neutral accent that will match well with whatever you may be wearing.

The Geometrical Lapis Lazuli earrings are a fresh new take on the classic hoop earring. These statement earrings feature a delicate, golden wire moving in a rectangle spiral shape leading to a single bead of natural, deep blue lapis lazuli with lighter blue and white veins throughout. Lapis lazuli is thought to bring the wearer deep tranquility and truth in their daily lives

The Hexagonal Hematite Hoops are another iteration of the hoop trend. These earrings feature three hematite beads, smoothed into a symmetrical hexagonal shape, on a golden wire formed into a unique geometric shape. Hematite is a strong, iron oxide compound, often thought to have self-esteem boosting properties.

Similar to the previous pair on this list, the artisan who created these Pearl Half Circle earrings used the same gravity defying that makes it appear that these freshwater pearls are floating along a dainty golden wire. The freshwater pearls, which take freshwater mussels up to two years to form, make these earrings classy enough to be worn everyday or for formal events. Pearls are unique, as they are thought to aid fertility and ease the pains of motherhood. For this reason, pearls are a popular “push present”.

As their namesake suggests, the Lazuli Lantern earrings are an homage to the lanterns that can be seen throughout the year in Singapore. These gorgeous, handcrafted drop earrings feature natural lapis lazuli stones, a deep navy blue with flecks of gold, reminding the wearer of the beautiful night sky. 

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  1. Earrings are a classic accessory that can instantly elevate any look. They come in a wide range of styles, from simple studs to bold hoops and chandelier designs. earrings can be made from various materials, including precious metals, gemstones and glass beads, providing endless options to suit any taste and budget.

  2. Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for handcrafted gemstone jewelry with us. Your blog has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on me and many others who are passionate about this fascinating world of art and adornment.

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