How to Find Your Personal Style

Find Your Personal Style


What’s one word that describe your personal style?

Describe your personality in five words

What colour feels most true to your personal style?

What is the main colour in your wardrobe?

What was the very last item you purchase? When you bought it, what outfit were you envisioning it would be perfect with?

Get the BASICS right

Basics are the foundation of a wardrobe and yet they tend to be the things we take for granted. 

Invest in four or five different colours of your favourite T-shirt style and hang them in your closet.  Ensure that they are in the correct fit so that they look easy and effortless.  Now, you can treat them as essentials as they can match with everything; jeans, pencil skirts for Sunday lounging. 

Mix the PRINTS effortlessly

Mixing different printed outfits can be tricky yet fun. 

Keep it in mind, large prints pair well with small prints and vice versa.    If you are too shy to get started, start off by wearing a print with a classic chambray shirt.  Do not feel overwhelmed by the large prints in stores, just choose one you think is pretty and do not overanalyze.  After mixing up, you may fall in love with what you are wearing.  Add a solid accessory to ground your look.  

Looking Confident

Confidence begins at the innermost layer.  

The easiest way to convey confidence and positive attitude is to smile.  Allow yourself to give a friendly smile as they are actually very contagious.  If you dont have the habit of smiling too often, perhaps, you can try practicing infront of the mirror.  Please remember that feeling positive is beneficial to our wellbeing.  


Understand your body and try any pieces of outfit or accessories that make you happy.  In fact, taking selfie create more sense of self awareness and helps you to correct your posture and who knows, it may turn out to improve your self-esteem.  

Understand Your Wardrobe

Do you have the habit of organizing your wardrobe.  While organizing your wardrobe, think of unique ways to display your items.  You can put your jewelry on display too.  Its  a good habit as it reminds you to wear your treasures more often.  Meanwhile, study your wardrobe to find out what are the prints and colours that you always go for.  Keep a list of items that need replacing, or note this in your planner.  It will help you stay focused during your next shopping trop.  

Vintage Blue Daisy Hoop
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