Accessorize Your Little Black Dress In 5 Different Fashion Styles

            So long as its black!  Black is a fail-safe colour that never goes out of fashion.  Basically, a little black dress can go well with anything bright or shimmering.  This is when the jewelry comes into place where it can dramatically enhance your outfit leaving it with a polished feel.  From the style of being elegant to making a fun-loving statement, it is achievable by matching the right set of jewelry.  Having a style in your mind?  Let’s see how we can mix and match to fit the right style and occasion.

Chic and Simple Little Black Dress

The secret to looking chic is minimalism.  Keeping things sleek and minimal helps to make you look sexy and yet demure.  It also allows the focus to be firmly centred on your dress and figure.

Choosing the Outfit

As the French say, “Less is more”.  This is a lesson in how good tailoring can actually make your clothes look much more expensive.  Start by looking for a black dress with clean lines. 


Go with light makeup.  Matte, natural and fresh with nude lip.  Add a sweep of bronzer to your cheekbones to warm up a but if you need to.  A strong brow will help you look right too. 

Right Matching Jewellery

Go for something simple like a classic pair of baroque pearl earring drops or a pair of disc drop earrings.  They are modern, minimal and of course, dainty.  Putting on layered fine-chain necklaces are the usual choices for a chic and simple look.  While doing so, try layering the necklaces of different length and accompany it with a piece of thin delicate bracelets  . 

Pearls on the Swing
pearl choker
Pearl Choker Necklace Cube Pendant
Black Tulip Hoopa

Edgy Fashion

Edgy fashion is feisty, rebellious, and sophisticated.  It makes a statement without shouting.  The look is natural-never primly overdone-but it also embraces the unexpected.  The best way to start learning about edgy look is to check out what others are wearing.  Black flatters any body type.  It’s quiet yet dramatic.  Of course, wearing too much black can look gloomy, so incorporate subtle splashes of colour using accessories. 

Choosing the outfit

Pick simple dresses without much frill.  Go for a cut that falls above the knee.  You don’t always have to aim for a night-on-the-town vibe.  Casual shirtdresses or tunics make classy everyday outfits.  Black leggings! If you were wondering what to wear with those little black dresses, look no further.  Textured black tights work too! Don’t shred your legwear. Stick with a clean sophisticated look. 

Shoes.  Boots is a way to go for.  Get that “urban girl” edge with black boots.  Wear them with your little black dress.  You can go for a lace-up work boot or mid-calf fashion boot.  A slouchy boot adds texture and relaxes your look.  A flat soled boot will be a healthier choice for your feet if you wear boots everyday.


Nude makeup with intense eyes and high-shine lip gloss.

Right Matching Jewelry

Armour your arms with a wrist cuff or a cord bracelet.  It adds subtle character to your outfit.  A metal bracelet is another good bet coming along with long chains and pendant necklaces that can energize your outfit. 

Dreams Aquamarine Hoop
Spectrolite Drop
Gold Chain Link Necklace

Little Black Dress in Boho Style

The boho look has lots of different influences.  But many parts of it come from the beat and hippie movements of the 1950s and the 1960s.  These were artistic movements focused on freedom and individuality.  People who embraced beat and hippie lifestyles often wore peasant-and gypsy-style clothing.  They sported different patterns, vintage pieces, and modern finds all in one outfit.  This earthy, eclectic, and relaxed-yet put together look has come to define boho style today. 

The secret to boho look is choosing the right colours: Earthy colours.  When choosing accessories to match your back boho dress, look to nature for inspiration.  The outfit will carry colours that represent nature like brown, gray, black, gold, deep green, khaki and cream. 

Choosing an outfit

When it comes to fabrics, you will want to stay away from polyester and plastic.  Instead, use natural materials for your boho outfits.  Wood bracelets, beads, feathers and scarfs are good choices. 

Right Matching Jewelry

You can really change up a look with accessories and boho look is all about jewelry, scarves  and headbands.   How do you use accessories to show your personal boho style?

Bracelets and Necklaces

To add great personality to your character, put several bracelets on and mix beaded, wood and metal components.  You can also layer your wrist with a few thin pretty bracelets.   Long necklaces can also be worn as bracelets.  Just wind them around your wrists a few times.


Long pendant necklaces look great around your neck.  Wear a few at a time or add a colourful shorter and chunky necklace.    Besides beads, you can also layer the necklaces with either silver or gold necklaces. 

Chunky Rings

Big rings make a big statement.  Look for ones with stones and bright colours.  A turquoise stone works well with boho outfits. 

Dangly earrings

Long beaded, tessel earrings pair perfectly with boho clothings.  They add a carefree but dressy vibe.  Hammered earrings look great too. 

Boho headbands

Boho headbands are taken straight out of 107s.  Dress your little black dress with a silver or gold chain headband.


Scarves are versatile and adds on to a carefree vibe to your dress.  For a real gypsy look, you can wrap our head with a scarve your tie your hair with a scarf scrunchy. 

miyuki beads bracelet
Boho Natural Beads Braclets
statement bracelets
Assortment of Bracelets and Rings
Natural Grey Stone Drop Earrings

The Classy Little Black Dress

Dress for black tie.  A floor-length smart cocktail frock in a dark shade is great to have in your wardrobe as a fail-safe choice for black-tie events. Team with simple accessories and an elegant clutch-and don’t forget the heels. 

Choosing an Outfit

Instead of choosing a plunging neckline or a short dress, go for a classic cut like a maxi length dress with wasit that fall on the natural waistline to accentuate your feminine figure.  The cinching in the flowing fabric of the dress at the waist will help to create a silhouette with curves in all the right places and its an easy way to get instant glamour. 


A classic makeup look that has stood the test of time, liquid liner and red lipstick to go with your red drop earrings.  Red is classic, elegant, and versatile. Whether you’re just in the mood to have fun with your look, or you’re going to a formal ball, red lips are often the best choice.  Red lipstick is association for strong, successful, stylish and glamorous women.

Right Matching Jewelry

Stay golden!  The word ‘gold’ often reminds us of rich, powerful, expensive, extravagance, confident, glowing and warmth. Train the spotlight on yourself by wearing metallic as they glitter and shine in the evening lights and instantly add spectacle and sparkle.  

Focus on the hands.  Minimum two pieces of gold jewelry per hand, paired with a deep, rich, glossy shad of nail polish like navy or chocolate.  Or, if you are choosing a ring-stacking combo, plan your ring before purchasing.

How to stack rings?

Keep the heaviest finger on your first hand and bare on the second hand since its so heavy on the other side. 

Let a very special piece stand alone on your middle finger.

A thin ring next to a power stack is nice and carries the metallic across the hand. 


Putting on bold chain necklace adds to the charming and sophisticated look and hence bringing glamour to the party.

Statement earrings

Pearl cuff earrings or a statement drop earrings

Choose a pair bright red statement drop earrings

handmade jewelry designers
Floating Pearl Earrings
handmade rings
Emeral Ring
hair accessories
Freshwater Pearl Hairclip

Artsy Fashion Style

This fashion trend is as it suggests, surrounding the creation of an individual. Women who tend to dress in this style are often drawn towards items that are hand crafted, or particularly unique. This trend stays away from conventional fashion styles and resembles the fashion sense of a creative thinker who wants to make a statement. The beauty of this fashion style that it is different depending on the women, a style with ultimate freedom.


Lapis Lazuli Earrings
Lazuli Latern Earrings
real pearl earrings
Baroque Vintage Pearl
pentagon earrings
Hexagonal Hematite Studs

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